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Disposable single use respirators (NIOSH N95)

Mask - Disposable Single Use Respirators (NIOSH N95)

Disposable single use respirators (NIOSH N95)

Respirator mask fits all face shapes, without inspiration/expiration air-leakage
Upper edge has integrated easy malleable nose bridge strip reducing fogging of protective eye-wear Size nose bridge strip: 4 x 90 mm (w x l) (+/-10%)
Two pre-attached elasticated straps, fitting (i) around top of the head, (ii) around base of the head.

NIOSH N95 recommended by the CDC and WHO for healthcare workers. The disposable respirator is marked with the manufacturer's name, the part number (P/N), the protection provided by the filter (e.g. N-95), and "NIOSH."

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