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Coveralls - Certified

Coveralls - Certified

General Description

Liquid-tight biohazard-protective coverall, for use in EVD patient-isolation units for infection prevention and control against viral penetration.

Technical Specifications
Elasticated hood around face. Elasticated cuffs and ankles.
Sleeves with elasticated thumb loop.
Protective seams providing barrier equal to fabric.
Zipper with re-sealable flap protecting leakage through seams.
Each coverall has a stitched-in neck label indicating the type and performance of the suit against the below mentioned standards.
Color: White/ yellow/orange
Material: Lightweight, do not contain rubber/ latex. Antistatic treated on both sides.
Fabric is Infective agent tested against viral penetration at minimum 1.75kPa Non-sterile
Single Use, disposable Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XX

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